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Archband Introduces Low Power 100dB Audio/Voice CODEC IP in 40nm Process
San Jose, CA, May 4, 2015     Archband, a Silicon-Valley based mixed-signal IP vendor, has announced its new generation low power, high performance, flexible and highly integrated stereo audio/voice CODEC IP "AR82S021". This silicon-proven IP delivers 100dB signal-to-noise (SNR) benchmark performance with compact silicon area in 40nmll logic process. AR82S021 will support customers around the world to achieve design-wins and enhance market shares with differentiated SoC solutions. Through this high-end IP integration, SoC products can reduce overall system power dissipation with embedded leading audio/voice performance and flexible functions. AR82S021 is targeted for the emerging wearable device market as well as the existing HDTV, PMP, MID, TV set-top, IP phone, tablets, Car Audio and net-Book applications.

The wearable device market is expanding rapidly with critical feature of "always-on". This growing market therefore requires new breakthrough technologies capable of delivering low power "always-on" audio and voice interface solutions for voice detection, voice-in-command and audio entertainment with longer battery life. AR82S021 provides the best-in-class audio/voice IP solution with optimized performance, functionality, low power dissipation and compact design architecture to meet the challenging market demands.

AR82S021 features standard digital audio interfaces like I2S with master and slave modes, and CPU register programming interfaces such as I2C, SPI, MCU or APB. It has also incorporated embedded regulator to yield better PSRR and noise rejection ratio, as well as robust immunity to process, voltage and temperature variations. The highly integrated IP can be seamlessly merged into SoC chips for time-critical tapeouts and mass production, while reducing system level implementation efforts and BOM cost.

AR82S021 is silicon-proven in 40nmll logic process and can be ported to other logic process nodes.

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Archband has been delivering mixed-signal IPs since 2000 with the mission to support SoC customers with reusable and cost-effective enabling mixed-signal technologies. Supported by a group of innovative and dedicated engineering teams based in Silicon Valley and Asia, Archband is specialized in high performance, low power and highly flexible IPs including audio and voice CODECs/ADCs/DACs, high-resolution SAR ADCs, high-speed A/D converters, current-steering D/A converters, power management capless LDOs, PLL, DLL clocking IPs, and high speed IO interface IPs. Our mixed-signal technologies are successfully integrated into SoC chips for wearable devices, multimedia consumer electronics, medical measurement, wireless and wired communications applications.

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