Your Analog Mixed-Signal IP Partner
Archband Attended SMIC2014 Symposium in Shanghai, China.
Archband Attended SMIC2013 Symposiums in Shanghai and Beijing, China.
Archband Introduces Low Power 100dB Audio/Voice CODEC in 40nm Process.
Archband joined Design&Reuse platform as a selected IP partner
Archband's audio CODEC is entered into mass production for portable multimedia devices.
Archband's stereo audio A/D converter is entered into high volume production for high quality webcams.
Archband joined ChipEstimate platform as a selected IP partner.
Archband announced its new generation audio CODEC with built-in PWM output.
Several public semiconductor companies in Taiwan have selected Archband's audio IP solutions.
Archband is selected as Fujitsu's third-party IP vendor to ensure high-performance low power audio IP solutions.
Archband delivered silicon-proven power management IPs in Fujitsu 90nm process nodes.
Archband's audio IPs are shipped in tens of millions end products.
Two US leading IDM companies have chosen Archband as their audio IP solution partners.
Archband partnered with IBM for developing high voltage audio IPs.
Archband delivered silicon-proven audio IPs in Fujitsu 90nm process.
Archband delivered silicon-proven low power audio CODEC IP in Fujitsu 65nm process.
Archband achieved silicon-proven ultra compact and low power 93dB audio CODEC in SMIC 130 node.
Archband delivered silicon-proven ultra compact and low power 93dB audio CODEC in SMIC 110 node.
Archband delivered silicon-proven ultra compact 96dB audio CODEC in SMIC 65nm generic logic process node.
Archband partnered with XFAB to deliver 16-bit ADC suitable for high precision measurement and IC sensors.
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